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Corporate Discount Books has been importing the Kunze book since the 90s.  We started importing this book for people enrolled in master brewer programs.  As brewing has expanded from the big brew houses into the micro-breweries, and craft breweries, we've been the supplier of the industry's most respected title.

We stock the English version of Technology Brewing and Malting

$205.00 USD

6th revised English edition

April 2019, 960 Pages, Hardcover

 Author: Wolfgang Kunze / Olaf Hendel (Editor)

ISBN 978-3-921690-82-6

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Technology Brewing & Malting, 6th revised English edition


6th revised English edition

April 2019

960 Pages, Hardcover

Author: Wolfgang Kunze / Olaf Hendel (Editor)

ISBN 978-3-921690-82-6


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